Who are we?

‘Teach English, Volunteer!’ is a project managed by the provincial Directions of Education of Chimborazo (Ecuador), standing for the Ministry of Education at a provincial level.

The project started in 2009.

What is our aim?

Ten years ago, the Ecuadorian government decided that English should be taught in all grade levels, but that in high schools, it would be a mandatory subject.

Several elementary schools have English teachers, but many do not, meaning that when these students enter the same high schools, their levels of English are very mixed.

It is our goal to provide schools that do not have English teachers with voluntary teachers, so that when they reach high school, they will have a solid English base like many of their peers.

Who are we looking for?

  • People who can speak English
  • People who have at least a basic knowledge of Spanish
  • People who can stay at least 3 months between September and June
  • Ideally, people that have experiences in teaching or working with children. Even better if you have an ESL/TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) diploma.

However, you may apply all the year long even if you do not fit all these criteria.

Do we charge anything?

The living conditions are not the same as those of North America or Europe. You may not have always warm water or even water. Hygiene may be bad. You will live like the local people.