Recruitment process

  1. First, you will need to complete our application. Follow this link to submit the application.
  2. After we receive it, we will do our best to contact you within one to two weeks.
  3. If we think you would be a valuable member of our team, we will schedule a Skype interview to assess your level of English, Spanish, and so that we can hear more about you and tell you more about our project.
  4. Finally, within two weeks of the Skype interview, we will let you know for sure whether or not you will be able to join us.  We will do our best to then send you a commitment letter, which will contain your weekly teaching schedule and host family information.
  5. If you think that all sounds well, you will print, sign, scan, and email the letter back to us and then we will be able to assist you in obtaining a Visa and actually coming to Ecuador!


For any question about the project, please send an email to

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For any question regarding the communication of the project, please send an email to